What our client's say:

Kira’s program shares a wealth of ancient insight and wisdom in a professionally-developed course that makes breathwork easy, fun, and most importantly, incredibly powerful. Within just a few weeks of working together I noticed improvements to my physical and emotional well-being that would have required much more time and effort through other healing modalities. Having spent nearly twenty years in “traditional” corporate America, I would highly recommend the Eagle Institute program in pranayama for anyone looking to make positive, quick, impactful change in their organization!

- Dev Tandon, Founder obo movement, Sausalito, California, USA

Listening to your live event, something came up for me that was blocking me. I was holding onto it, and just listening to you, I was able to let it go. This issue was there all my life, and now, I feel like I can face forward and just do what I need to do. This was so powerful for me. It clarified in that moment. It was so clear to me. I was unlocked, and I went forward towards my authentic dream.

- Catherine Chan - CEO & Founder of FitIn , Toronto, Canada

Like everybody, my business was affected by quarantine. Kira helped me to see how this could work to my advantage, not only in keeping my business open and cash positive but to also develop a new community feel that would help my business transition from a bar and restaurant to a community gathering place that could make money regardless if people were eating and drinking. I love people, as I grew in my own journey, I realized that alcohol was getting in the way of real connection. I am discovering ways to help people have real connections and still have fun, while making money.

- Bashir Rametulla, CEO, Angelina’s Restaurant, Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica

The fastest way to make any change for the better in your life: business, health, relationships is by changing your consciousness first. The Eagle Institute teaches programs, workshops and techniques to do this quickly and safely.  

Kira & Meditation

Things I have healed with changing my consciousness: working constant overtime, toxic relationships, guilt over receiving, more than 20 different health-related issues, including birth defect in my neck, hip out of joint, low blood pressure, food allergies, migraines, being overwhelmed with other people’s emotions, stress anxiety, worry, scar tissue in my lungs, scar tissue from a burn, shoulder dislocated, and many more.  

Personal Performance & Energy: Why Stress Kills Performance

Happiness is a foundation of sustained high performance because your mind and body perform optimally when you are happy, on the other hand, stress reduces mental and emotional capacity and skills.

How many of the following positive characteristics do you have on a daily basis?

  • Eat healthy to sustain your high energy 
  • Easy to focus
  • Loose track of time because you are engaged in an activity
  • Feel optimistic or better
  • Relaxed while working

If you said yes to 4 or less, there are some key meditation practices that can really help you.

High performers almost always score 5 out of 5 the majority of the time. 

It is a widely-held misconception that in order to be successful, you need to be stressed. High performers on average score 1 out of 10 on perceived stress tests, with 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest. From our research, the average executive or manager scores 8.7 out of 10 before learning meditation techniques.

In practicing our Eagle Techniques and our other meditation programs on a daily basis, the average person lowers their score by 2 points in the first session, and within 3 months, most are down to a score of 3.5. Those with sustained practices do achieve scores below 2 with regular practice.

CEOs and executives that sustain Eagle Techniques beyond 3 months with progressive techniques also report that they get their work outcomes achieved in 50% less time.

The average reported ROI on our Mindfulness for High Performance programs is over 500 %.

Misconceptions About Stress

Misconception: I am stressed, therefore I must be doing things right.

Truth: Stess, overwhelm and anxiety all reduce mental abilities, emotional skills and physical health. If you are stressed, you are making it harder to acheive your desired outcomes.

Misconception: Working long hours gets more done.

Truth: The brain can only focus for a maximum of about 3 hours. When people work long hours, they don't get more done, they take longer to do the same amount of work.

Misconception: I do better work when I am stressed.

Truth: Studies don't agree. Even highly trained professionals make more mistakes when subjected to even mild amounts of stress. Functional MRIs have shown that nerves in the brain start to disconnect when under stress, which reduces abilities on a wide variety of skills.

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Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis. It is an opportunity to change your consciousness, which changes your life. 

Midlife Crisis gets a bad rap because it is very often misunderstood. Here are some signs that you (or somebody you know) is having a mid-life crisis: 

  • you have had a major achievement or accomplishment (or more than 1) and it didn’t bring you happiness, maybe you were disappointed or even angry 
  • you look at your job or your business and wonder why you are there
  • you don’t like the people you work with and you don’t know who you are anymore  
  • you have a sneaking suspicion that there is a lot more to life and you aren’t sure what because you are very successful in life
  • things that used to make you happy don’t have the same appeal, you may have tried doing several things to make yourself happy that brought you satisfaction in the past, and none of them have recently
  • somebody has asked you if you are having a mid-life crisis , even as a joke

If you scored yes to 5 or more, you have been in a midlife crisis for some time, and now is the perfect time to start moving forward. This happens to many people, and some never truly get past it because they don't know about the 6-stage process.

It is a widely held misconception that you are doing something wrong if you are having a mid-life crisis, and that is out-right wrong. Midlife Crisis is a natural growth process that happens most strongly to people that have already had a degree of success in one area of their life, and in order to keep growing, it is time to focus on other areas. Most of the time, this is uncomfortable, and people try to avoid it. 

You may be thinking, “Oh, why bother working on my weaknesses?”  

here are big gifts on the other side of the midlife crisis transformation process. Feelings of peace and authenticity unlike any that you have known before. Turning your weaknesses and blind spots into your strengths. Getting back to authentic pleasure in your life. Growth and opportunities beyond anything that you have ever imagined. Often at things that you didn't even know that you desired.



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