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Personal Performance

Happiness is a foundation of sustained high performance becuase your mind and body perform optimally when you are happy. How many of the following experiences do you have on a daily basis?

Eat to sustain your high energy, rather than to supress emotions

Easy to focus

Loose track of time because you are engaged in an activity

Feel optimistic or better

Relaxed while working

If you said yes to 4 or less, there are some key meditation practices that can really help you.

High performers almost always score 5 out of 5 the majority of the time. 

It is a widely-held misconception that in order to be successful, you need to be stressed. High performers on average score 1 out of 10 on perceived stress tests, with 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest. From our reseach, the average executive or manager scores 8.7 out of 10. 

In practicing our Eagle Techniques and our other meditation programs on a daily basis, the average person lowers their score by 2 points in the first session, and within 3 months, most are down to a score of 3.5.

CEOs and executives that sustain Eagle Techniques beyond 3 months with progressive techniques also report that they get their work outcomes achieved in 50% less time.

Misconceptions About Stress

Misconception: I am stressed, therefore I must be doing things right.

Truth: Stess, overwhelm and anxiety all reduce mental abilities, emotional skills and physical health. If you are stressed, you are making it harder to acheive your desired outcomes.

Misconception: Working long hours gets more done.

Truth: The brain can only focus for a maximum of about 3 hours. When people work long hours, they don't get more done, they take longer to do the same amount of work. Do an experiement, stop working after 6 hours per day (if you take lunch and breaks, 6 hours is what you have left) and see how much gets done. Also notice the quality of work.

Misconception: I do better work when I am stressed.

Truth: Stess and pressure are not the same thing. Some people find it easier to focus when they have a clear goal or outcome, which is pressure. These people test as relaxed and alert, a high performance state. Stress is when you activate negative mental and emotional states, which reduce reduce mental, physical and emotional functioning. Even low amounts of stress cause otherwise highly proficient experts to make mistakes.



For C-Suite, executives and professionals that are busy fixing problems that never seem to end. We provide solutions that reduce the time that it takes to effectively solve problems by increasing the percentage of the time that you are in high performance brain states by more than 200% resulting in reducing time spent on problems, and allowing you to focus on innovating. 

Our processes come from the integrating of Theory of Constraints, Mindfulness and other meditation techniques. The only meditation program to do so. 

Executives and entrepreneurs report that they successfully lead high growth businesses without burning out. Clients typically report that happiness goes up by more than 100 %, problems get solved faster, and relationships are more satisfying.



For Accomplished Individuals that despite enormous success, feel unhappy or dissatified and they don't know why. We help you uncover a different set of criteria for success in life that leads to lasting fulfillment beyond anything that you have experienced sustainably. Participants report breakthroughs in their personal lives, without having realized what they were capable of. 

Our process is the only method that is based on 10 000 hours of meditation and energy healing technique practice, by our founder Kira, which she currated for those that work on root causes and not symptoms. 

This saves you years of struggling blindly, which many do for years, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Clients typically do in 4 months what they have been unable to do on their own for 10 years prior to learning these techniques.


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