Healing Midlife Crisis Issues in Stage 4

The stage 4 knowledge you need to heal your blindspot—all in one place.


Why deal with a Midlife Crisis? It is a widely held misconception that you are doing something wrong if you are having a mid-life crisis, and that is out-right wrong. 

The best opportunity for personal growth, and the biggest satisfaction comes from facing the parts of your life that you have been avoiding up to this point, which is how to kick your midlife crisis to the curb. Those that finish say that they are the best version of themselves that they have ever been, and report opportunites before them that they just couldn't have imagined prior to doing the deep inner work of stages 3, 4 and 5.  

You may be thinking, “Oh, why bother working on my weaknesses?”  

Because there are big gifts on the other side of the midlife crisis transformation process. Feelings of peace and authenticity unlike any that you have known before. Turning your weaknesses and blind spots into your strengths. Getting back to authentic pleasure in your life. Growth and opportunities beyond anything that you have ever imagined. Often at things that you didn't even know that you desired.  

Healing Your Blindspot Workshop Covers:


Everybody is Born with a Blindspot

Whether people choose to deal with it or not, our life will be guided by our blindspot until we heal it. In order to have strenghts, we also have blindspots. In part 1, we will help you to identify your blindspot so that you know how to focus, and what area of your life needs a different approach to stop the pain of your midlife crisis. When people get this right, their stress, overwhelm and even burnout starts to subside. 


Basic Techniques to Get to Know Your Blindspot

Logic won't get you there as fast as using your Intuition. In this workshop, you will learn how to identify when your intuition is telling you that you are following your old habits, and when you are working with your blindspot correctly.

We will practice some basic meditations in this workshop, as well as some theory. If you haven't meditated before they will be basic visualizations, so don't be nervous.


Not Convinced?

Life on your current path:

What will your life be like 10 or 20 years from now if you continue on your current path? Your blindspot will be in your face over and over again, for some people it even happens in multiple areas of their life. Often by the time people come to work with us, they are so stressed out that they just can't take anymore, and they often have health problems as a result.

Many people go through thier life savings on divorces, get fired or lose their businesses. All they had to do was to focus on their midlife crisis issues, and they would have seen their unique path to success.

Why these techniques work quickly:

Meditation is the doorway to our unconscious, and it is also th path to rapid healing. Our blindspots are part of our unconscious, and when brought to light, they can be transformed faster than any other method. 

Life if you heal your blindspot:

One of our past clients had supressed sexual discrimination in her business life. In the past, she had always tried to find the path of not rocking the boat. In this life she was meant to speak up and to love herself so much that she didn't tolerate bad behavior. When she started, she wasn't sure what her blindspot was, as it became apparent that it was not speaking up when required, she did the inner work to heal. As a result, she spoke up in a very public way in the #metoo movement, without any worry about reprecussions to her. Because she had done the healing work, the perpetrator was stopped, and it took very little effort on her part.

She continued the inner healing work to erase all the sadness and greif that was in her family history on this issue, and now feels better than she ever has.

Join the Heal the Stage 4 Blindspot Workshop

The next workshop is on Tue Mar 31 and Tue Apr 7 from 6-8 pm ET. The workshop will be help over Live Video Call with 2-Way communication so we can answer any questions that come up.


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