Stress hurts your body, mind and emotions, which impacts your effectiveness in multiple areas of your life:  

  • work effectiveness and the amount of time it takes to correctly complete tasks, which studies have shown that work takes about 50% longer when under stress 
  • health because stress is a contributing cause to more than 50% of diseases 
  • professional and personal relationships become strained due to the effects of stress on both emotions and thinking processes.

More than 1000 studies have shown that correctly done Mindfulness Meditation reduces the effects of stress and improves emotional and mental responses when exposed to stressful situations, when people have an on-going Mindfulness meditation and Mindfulness in action practice. 

Whether you are a complete beginner, or you have a regular meditation practice, we have solutions that will help you to progress in your skills and the outcomes you desire with much lower levels of stress.

The response to stress can be controlled so that even if the circumstances that cause you stress continue, you can move through them experiencing relatively low levels of stress.  



Meditation has been proven to improve performance mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Whether it is for business, sports or the arts. People that practice specific meditations are able to improve their focus, and to learn to achieve the flow state on a regular basis, which is a high-performance state. 

With Covid-19 and quarantine, distractions are higher than ever, the average person cannot focus for more than about 6 minutes. Being able to focus without wasting energy for longer periods of time is a competitive advantage in performance. Being able to focus allows you to get your work done faster so you can spend time with your family, and both will benefit as a result.

Athletes, from high-school level to World Championship finalists have been able to control their responses to stress both in training and in competition, and improving focus on desired outcomes have to achieve huge leaps in performance compared to before taking our programs. 

Entrepreneurs have reduced working time, significantly increased their business sizes and improved their overall physical and mental health, leaving more time for other areas of their lives that were getting neglected, such as family relationships, physical exercise and self-actualization. Entrepreneurs also report break-throughs in creative ideas and innovation. They typically reduce their working time by 50% while achieving the same outcomes or better in their businesses.  


Kira loves watching her clients progress in getting better results with meditation. She loves teaching both beginners and long-time meditators techniques that get them to their goals faster, whether that is to have more time and energy for their personal lives or to quickly erase patterns that slow down success. Kira teaches techniques that are drawn from Mindfulness, Pranayama, and Erasing Karma. She is also a professional psychic, and she teaches her clients skills to hear their own intuition.

Kira has multiple certifications both in meditation and in business. Meditation was an important part of her success both as an athlete and as an entrepreneur. Kira currently has more than 12 000 hours of personal practice in meditation and has taught more than 1 000 people meditation techniques, both online and at workshops for business.