I am Kira Leskew, founder and CEO of The Eagle Institute Ltd. I started The Eagle Institute to help business leaders and entrepreneurs learn the skills that helped me the most on my business and personal journey. These are meditation and self-healing skills. 

I was originally asked to start teaching others when going through some extremely emotionally and mentally challenging circumstances. When telling the story of some recent experiences in a mindful and calm manner to a group of my colleagues, a few of them asked me, “How can you tell that story so calmly? I would be in the hospital from so much stress.” 

“My meditation practice.” I replied. “It gives me the skills to stay neutral and not get caught up in the drama. It also helps me to learn from and heal the parts of me that created these circumstances in the first place.” 

A few of those people were my first clients. “I need to learn that, better yet, so does my executive team." Since that time, I have added additional meditation and personal healing techniques that allow practitioners to make changes quickly. The results have been outstanding. Clients have healed issues, whether stress and burnout, or personal growth issues in less than a year, when they had been struggling with the same issues often for decades. 

I am personally certified as an advanced yoga and pranayama teacher, which I completed 18 years ago. Since that time, I have trained in Mindfulness, Vajrayana, psychic healing and Ho’onoponopono. Combined in all disciplines, I have more than 11,000 hours of experience to date. I completed this practice and training at the same time as founding and/or running 7 different businesses.  



Working with Kira will get you to your ultimate thriving faster.