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Proven Techniques that Help You Get Results Faster

Meditation to Develop Intuition

Intuition isn't woo-woo, it is a necessary skill to handle a rapidly changing environment with imperfect information.

Intuition is a set of skills that can be developed and learned.

Erase Karma that is preventing Happiness and Success

Karma attracts challenges and blocks your intuition. Get through challenges faster by practicing meditation techniques that erase karma.

Kira teaches karma-erasing techniques that work up to 1 million times faster than life experience alone.

Meditation to Stop Stress

Stopping stress and anxiety is the first step in the meditation journey

Succeed at your Midlife Crisis

My life mission is to help people use their midlife crisis to find their personal fastest path to success.

An Experienced Meditator and Trainer

With more than 12 000 hours of personal practice, and having trained almost 1000 people in meditation techniques, I have curated techniques to move you forward quickly.

PS. I did all that while building multiple successful businesses, and meditation was the foundation of my success.

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