7 Karma Cleaning Techniques

Karma can be released in our current times faster than in the past, that being said, it is often necessary to use techniques to cleanse past karma. Here are 7 families of techniques to cleanse your karma quickly: 

1. Ho’onoponopono which is a forgiveness process. Ho’onoponopono means “to make really, really right”. The basic training in Ho’onoponopono teaches how incorrect data in our consciousness causes unwanted patterns in life, such as relationship troubles, health issues and financial troubles. It also provides techniques to release these patterns, especially deeper ones that may have been going on for a while. We have an introductory workshop on Fundamentals of Ho’onoponopono to help you with this. 2. Creating a healthy and calm body. The calmer and more relaxed you are, the easier it is to recognize karma, and to start releasing it. 3. Observing supressed emotions allowing them to surface and clear. In order to do this, it is helpful to have a calm body and to have skills in calming the mind. This is the basis of Mindfulness meditation. We have programs in Mindfulness meditation from introductory level and up. 4. Energetically clear all the chakras of old programs and memories. Once the majority of the other levels have been completed, it is useful to work directly with the energy body, including the chakras to release memories that is the basis of karma. We have private sessions and programs to teach you how to do this for yourself. These processes strengthen your intuition, which is needed to process karma on deeper levels without having to have events manifest. 5. Cleanse all the cells and tissues that hold memories, including the DNA. Once the energy body has substantially cleared, it is useful to clear the cells and tissues, including the DNA of all traces of karma. The best way to do this is with correctly done Pranayama. We have 2 levels or programs for Pranayama, the first is for basic health and mental well-being, the second is for a deep dive on cleansing karma. 6. Purify family karma using combinations of these techniques. At this time on earth, when karma is more easily released than in the past, it is beneficial to clear family karma as well. Pranayama does this effectively and can be combined with the first 4 techniques. Our upcoming Pranayama to Release Personal, Family and Ancestral Karma Level 2 will address this. 7. Cultivate Unconditional Positive Joy and Glory. Strengthening the Positive Mind with meditations and Mindfulness in Action which make Joy and Glory an inner state, and not one that depends on conditions of life. We have advanced meditation programs for this.  

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