Scheduling TBA | $397

Apply to be in this group program, which we run as soon as we have a minimum of 20 people.

It is taught over live video call once per week for 8 75-minute sessions. We typically run it on weekends so that people in different time zones can attend. 


Private Workshop 

Ho'onoponopono, which erases karma can be done at any stage of a midlife crisis, and this workshop includes the theory of why we have a midlife crisis, and takes you through processes to heal your personal issues. These processes work for any issue, even if they are not your midlife crisis issue.

Each workshop is 4 hours long, and may be done in 1 day, or 2 2-hr sessions.

Private Training | $Custom

All of our advanded programs on Midlife Crisis are custom because they take into account your meditation experience level and the particular issue in your midlife crisis. We train people one-on-one to ensure that they are moving forward as quickly as possible at the right pace so we balance effective processes with your capacity to change.