Pranayama is one of the most effective tools to heal on multiple levels quickly. Yoga has defined 10 bodies, and pranayama works on all 10 simultaneously. Unfortunately in today's world, many people have lost basic good breathing techniques, even though they may otherwise be in good (or great) physical condition. Anxiety and stress are at an all-time high, as are lifestyle diseases. Correct breath is integral not only in good health, but in clearing consciousness, which is the original intent of yoga. Eagle pranayama techniques are based on the classic teachings of BKS Iyengar, Vanda Scaravelli and the Yoga Sutras. The order and emphasis of the techniques, along with the importance of correct posture have been channeled by Kira Leskew, who has more than 10 000 hours of yoga and meditation experience, along with training as a professional psychic. Kira started seeing some of the classic texts that were out of print starting 2 years ago in her meditations. She then channeled a practice for herself that healed a birth defect in her neck, and scars on her arm that had been there for 35 years.  

At the same time, somebody asked Kira to put together a meditation program that would work to help people in less than 15 minutes per day. Kira was not planned on teaching this publicly, but she quickly replied, "every traditional meditation practice requires minimum 40 minutes for beginners, because it takes 25 minutes for them to concentrate, the only thing that will work in that short of time is Pranayama." 

Pranayama is a strong tool, and very often good basic breathing practices are assumed. In the classic training, this was not the case. Practicing techniques without correcting the basics can result in more problems, rather than healing. This program is designed to teach teachers to get the basics right, and then to know which pranayama is appropriate for their students. The more than 400 pranayama techniques are like vitamins, and when you use the right ones, you can quickly balance physically, mentally and emotionally.  


Backgrounds vary coming to teacher training, our goal is for you to have the necessary background to take this program. Here are some of the qualifications that are a suitable starting point:

* 500 hour yoga teaching designation, and are able to do a regular pranayama practice

* energy worker or practioner

* medical designation, RNP, MD, DO, Ph.D, or others

If you have other qualifications, please discuss them with us, you may still qualify, or we may have another program that would suit your needs. We have programs that help to release karma, both pranayama and other meditation techniques. We also accept coaches that have other healing modalities.

* Must be able to practice minimum 20 minutes per day 6 days per week

Teaching Certification Min 500 hr program, proof of graduation required. You may be accepted with other qualifications, such as a healer or medical designation, with either yoga or meditaiton experience.

6 Hours Per Week This program is approximately 6 hours per week and most people require additional rest to integrate the changes.

Weekly Lectures Private programs only at this time. 75 minutes per week for 18 months.  

Reliable High Speed Internet Connection This program is delivered over zoom video call. You can join via phone in difficult situation, but being able to see each other 2-way is required for your optimal learning.

Desire to Clear Your Personal Karma Quickly .

Weekly Personal Classes Private programs only at this time. first 12 months, 2x 20 minutes per week. Months 13-18 2x 30 minutes per week.




  • 2 weekly classes at your own level, totaling 85 hours 
  • Weekly 75-min workshop on Teaching/Using the techniques, Yogic Humanities, Professional Standards & Physiology 90 hours (goes to 105-min in months 13-18) 1 weekly Pranayama class is included in this time
  • Written practice journal 75 hours (20 min 3 times per week, increasing to 20 min 6 times per week)
  • Personal reading of Historic Pranayama and Yogic Lifestyle texts plus book summaries 30 hours
  • Observation Intern and Supervised Practice Teaching, 20 x 30 min, totaling 10 hours

Admission by Application Only

Must have minimum 2000 hours of combined meditation practice and/or yoga practice. You may still take the program, but complete the 2000 hours by the end.

* minimum requirements does not guarantee admision for safety reasons*

All applications are evaluated not only on previous experience, but on ability to release personal karma quickly, and to lead others to do the same. 

Private programs only are recommended for fast-track learning and releasing of family karma if holding you back or if you want a different schedule. This can prepare you for the teachers program without causing undue strain or for using Pranayama to heal personal issues.

Group programs are intended for healing the 10 bodies, as a preparation for other meditation styles, to release karma quickly, and lead others to do the same.



  • Are qualified to use Pranayama as a healing technique for others and to teach classes at a beginner to low intermediate level. To teach intermediate/advanced you must complete Level 2 (500 hour program).
  • Completion of all course material does not guarantee graduation. There is a requirement to have cleared enough on your own to teach others. If you are not ready at the end of the program, we will continue to work with you until you are ready in private weekly classes. If you require more than 3 additional classes, there may be a charge for this. 

We will let you know at the beginning if we anticipate that this is the case for you, but ultimately, it depends on your committment to your own personal progress.et 


Tuition for start prior to Jun 30, 2020 $12 997 CAD or 3 payments of $5 299 CAD due at committment to program, at 5 months from first lecture and at 11 months from first lecture. This includes all instruction, online access to video library (sample beginner teaching videos), and on-going email support for your personal practice. Prcing for 2020 will be available in early January.

There are other shorter programs if this is for personal purposes only. Apply for this program to be considered. There are also shorter programs for people that have substantial background in energy healing work. We must do an assesement to evaluate how much of this program you know.




If you have taken prior programs at The Eagle Institute, including Ho'onoponopono Foundation and Energy Hygiene 201, all you need is approval. If you are a certified Yoga Teacher, and have more than 2000 hours of meditation practice, you must provide proof of graduation and complete and entrance interview. All others must complete an entrance interview for suitability.

 If you are not yet ready for the program, we will tell you what you need to do to qualify. You may start with one of our other programs to release personal issues, such as Ho'onoponopono or Energy Body Anatomy and Clearing.

The goal of this program is to be personally ready for Ascension, and to be able to clear karma on behalf of others, while keeping your own frequency high by not taking on the issues of others. 

Specific Pranayama techniques do this very quickly.


Ascension is happening in 2037 approximately. At this time, individuals and groups will have to face their accumulated karma, ready or not. These techniques are to help with that process for the energies of 2020-2025 in order to speed individual ascension, as well as to release old patterns quickly. Part of that process is evolving fom using food mainly as a food source to using prana, which comes from healthy breath, and specific techniques.