While any correct breathing helps to reduce stress and anxiety, our propriety technique of developing healthy breathing positively effects all 21 physical systems in the human body, from your nervous system to your hormone levels, in addition to increasing positive thinking and positive emotions. This results in you feeling better faster.

Eagle Techniques
TM start with the basic yogic teachings on a healthy breath, which has been practiced and documented for more than 4000 years. Many people want to skip this part, but it the foundation for the power and speed of our proprietary system. These techniques are a sophisticated system for using specific breathing techniques to change your physical, mental and emotional states in less than 15 minutes per day. If you are doing the right breathing techniques, it shouldn’t take longer than that, right up to the most advanced practices.

Specific breathing, or Pranayama techniques work like vitamins to strengthen your energy body (you might have heard of chakras, which are part of this energy system), and when the energy body is clear and strong, it is easier for the body, mind and emotions to be in a healthy and balanced state.

Pranayama, or breathing techniques work 1 million times faster to change habits than just working with intention alone, which is why the techniques are so powerful. The source of the power is working on the physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies simultaneously, which is why doing techniques correctly, and the right techniques for your purposes is essential. All our programs are based on yogic science, which has been documented and taught for more than 4000 years.

3-Month/30-session Program

Our introduction level is 3 20-minute classes per week for approximately 3 months (no sessions on stat holidays).

3-Month or 12-Month Programs

Delivered over live video call with experienced trainers. Class sizes allow for interaction and feedback from the trainer, something an app just can't give you.

Now Taking Applications

Want to teach Pranayama, the fastest way to stop stress, improve physical health and great bridge for people to learn to meditate?

We are always looking for new talent to add to our staff, and we know the positive and fast impact that our Eagle TechniquesTM Pranayama programs have. We also know that Pranayama is a fabulous program for Corporate Wellness, to add to Health Clinics and for coaches that want to change behaviors quickly. Since it works quickly, and gets rapid results, we are precise in the way that we train teachers to help their students get the most benefit quickly.